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    Mais Automação represents more than twenty international product brands in the sectors of distribution, quadristic, industry being the vast majority exclusive.

    The organisation is currently in an expansion phase and already does business in Angola.


    The company was founded in late 1999 and its name in Portuguese stands for Industrial Automation Materials and Services. As its name indicates, the company has as its main goal the commercialisation of electrical and electronic materials for the industry, associating a very important component in the provision of technical advice services, as well as turnkey solutions.

    It represents more than twenty international product brands in the industrial, quadristic, and distribution sectors, being the vast majority exclusive.

    MAIS Automação is a commercial company, therefore it has always been very clear to all its team that the greatest value to offer customers and suppliers is the provision of a high-quality services. These include having short delivery times, good management of stocks, and technical advice on the best alternatives and solutions for their customers. To this end, it invests in a high-level technical-commercial team. This team combines the products’ knowledge, obtained in continuous training with suppliers, with the practical application of placement service at the customers' premises and project, along with the application of turnkey solutions when customers request it.

    MAIS Automação's team is aware that it operates in a constantly changing market in which it is necessary to be well informed of the various opportunities and difficulties that arise from it. Therefore, it is important to have a flexible team with great capacity for adaptation and motivation for new challenges. This is the spirit of the administration and the entire MAIS Automação team, which favours the excellence of its service and the growth of its market prestige, instead of an unsustainable growth in size and revenue.

    The company's headquarters is in Milheirós, Maia, and its branch is in Torres Vedras.



    Company foundation


    Change of facilities (from Rio Tinto to Alfena) 


    Beginning of the company's internationalisation process – First exports to Angola


    Acquisition of 50% of Gesthidro’s capital


    Development of the internationalisation process - First exports to Mozambique


    New change of facilities (from Alfena to Maia) 


    Mais Automação obtains ISO9001 certification.


    MAIS Automação becomes a member of the Compromisso de Pagamento Pontual (timely payment commitment) to suppliers.


    A Mais Automação obtém o estatuto PME Excelência.


    norte 2020